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Home Central Vacuum

Clean. Quiet. Convenient.

With Mecel, you get the right central vacuum and professional installation.

Serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 20 years.

Quality Service.

"I would not hesitate in the future to use the services of Mecel or to recommend them to our friends and family."

Mary-Catherine and Joe Zwambag
Waterdown, Ontario

Serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 20 years.
Central Vacuums

Why choose a central vacuum system?

  • Central vacuums clean better than portable vacuums.
  • Central vacuums are quieter than portable vacuums.
  • Central vacuums are easier to use than portable vacuums.
  • Central vacuums can remove up to 99% of dust and allergen particles from your home.

(Note: to take advantage of these benefits, you need to choose the right central vacuum system and ensure that it is installed properly.)

What to know when selecting a central vacuum:

  • What are you going to vacuum? Know the size of your house, the number of people, pets, plants, and anything else that sheds, and the types of surfaces you will vacuum such as carpets, hardwood, ceramic floors.
  • You want the most suction and the best filtration for your money. At the very least, enough suction power to cover the size of your home.
  • Less pipe, but straight pipe. Installers should use as little piping overall as possible using as much straight pipe as possible. For example, don’t put an elbow joint near the in-take because it will cause clogging. Trust us, we’ve seen it when trouble shooting someone else’s installation.

Need more help?

If you want help to ensure that you get the maximum performance from your home central vacuum system, then we would love to help you choose the right system and installation. CONTACT US.

Mecel has been serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 20 years. We work only with the most trusted Eureka vacuum systems and offer competitive prices. We pride ourselves on quality service before, during, and after installation. This why Mecel is the largest provider of central vacuum systems in the Greater Toronto Area and why so many builders and homeowners trust us. CONTACT US.

Even though Mecel installed our vacuum system awhile back, they were still willing to fix a small issue for us recently. Thank you so much for the follow-up! We love our vacuum system and we greatly appreciate your customer support. - Rameez Mohamed