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Home Security Systems

Protect your family and home.

Mecel gets you the right security system and service for your family and home at the right price.

Serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 20 years.
Security Systems

We want to make sure that you are armed (no pun intended) with the information that you need to decide on the best options for you. Here are some important questions you should consider when buying a home security system. 
  • What type of protection do I need? Besides burglary protection, there are many other potential risks to your family. Have you considered fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, door and window sensors or video detection. 
  • How long has the company been in the security business? If a company has been around for more than five years it demonstrates commitment, experience and proven potential for a long-term partnership and support.
  • Are your employees paid by the installation or by salary? If a technician is getting paid by the number of jobs they complete rather than a guaranteed salary, they may be more concerned about getting the job done quickly rather than properly.
  • What kind of after-install service can I expect? Talk to the company and ask for references of current clients to find out how the company supports its clients after they've installed the security system. 
Homeowners that select Mecel have peace of mind knowing that their security systems have been installed by the trusted “go-to” leader for both commercial builders and consumers in Toronto and the GTA. We are regular recipients of industry awards because of our customer service and consistently high ratings on 3rd party audits. Through our close relationships with local builders we can be counted on to provide reliable after-install support to your system. 

We offer the most popular brands of safety technology, including DSC and Honeywell, at competitive prices ensuring that you have access to the best options for your family.

To speak with someone to learn more about how Mecel can help you get the right security for your family and home, please CONTACT US

“I would like to comment on the excellent service we have received dealing with Mecel. I would not hesitate in the future to use the services of Mecel or to recommend them to our friends and family.” Mary-Catherine and Joe Zwambag,Waterdown, ON