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Home Pre-Wiring

Pre-wiring for your future needs.

Expert advice on how to plan and wire your new home for all your entertainment, security, and network needs.

Serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 20 years.

Pre-wiring improves the look of your home, while saving you time and money.

Pre-wiring allows you to have access to your entertainment, music and technology from wherever you are in your home, without the ugly wires. Imagine a few of the things that you enjoy doing the most in your home: watching TV and movies with family, hosting dinner parties for friends on the patio, working from home, or maybe planning your next trip on-line. The enjoyment of all of these activities can be tied back to the networking and wiring systems within your home. 

Our consultants look at your house with you, room by room, to discuss the best places for cable, multi-room sound, surround sound, telephone and fax lines, wireless or hard-wired internet. They know how the shape of a room or the ceiling height can affect sound, and implement best practices learned through years of pre-wiring experience.

Important points to know about pre-wiring: 

  • Pre-wiring usually happens before the insulation is put in place and while the electrical is being installed. This prevents future holes being cut into your existing walls to hide wires or move cables.
  • Connect the entire house and incorporate multiple outlets and high-speed internet connections throughout, not just within specific rooms – this offers you the greatest flexibility for future needs and can increase the value of your home.
  • The structure of your house will impact where you want to put the sound system and speakers. Talk to a professional pre-wiring specialist as they will be able to recommend the best set up for your home.
To learn more about pre-wiring or to book an estimate CONTACT US.

“I want to take time to thank Mecel's staff for the great job you have done in my home. Service to a client is a priority and you guys came out on top.” - Morgan Moodley, Burlington, ON